Over ten thousand children were diagnosed nationally with cancer in 2014. Availability of authentic “children’s” wigs to meet this demand is estimated to run short by more than 50% in 2016.

Our primary mission at HHF is to try and meet this shortage while providing authentic “high-quality children’s, and young adult’s wigs”. To accomplish this, we need to obtain a large amount of beautiful, high-quality texture less mature hair. An essential requirement needed for making authentic wigs of this type. (This will alleviate having to re-purposed adult wigs for use on children.)

In previous years a majority of the problem stemmed from 80% of the ponytails that were donated were not meeting wig making requirements, given to the five top wig charities in the US. Coincidentally were being thrown in the garbage. A stark contrast to what the donors thought was happening to their hair. So HHF decided to conduct a study. The study measured whether having the additional assistance of a professional hair stylist could improve the quality of ponytail donations harvested. And also, would help reduce the amount of usable wig hair available for making appropriate wigs.

Based on the study’s results HHF discovered that by providing an improved method of obtaining a higher percentage of quality hair harvested, that HHF could meet the required wig manufacturing objective and close the gap on discarded donations by over 50%. Resulting in being able to provide wigs for better than 30% for the children whose hair needs are not currently being properly met. HHF then measured the cost of producing a true child’s wig and determined that 10% of the cost to create it could, therefore, be shared between hair stylists across the US without compromising the charitable purpose of the foundations function. This fact helped to seal the decision to partner with hair stylists under an elective compensation incentivized program. Provided that their assistance was practical, and easy to implement into their existing businesses. To accomplish this challenge, the Hair Hero Rescue program was developed.

The Hair Hero Rescue program is a highly simplified internet based front office. Is organized in such a way that an average person with a computer or smart phone can quickly navigate and obtain virtually any needed resource (forms, calendar, volunteer help, etc.). Tools that are required for accomplishing obtaining quality hair donations.

As the Hair Hero Rescue Program began to take shape, HHF realized that further incentive for hairstylists in its ordinary course of business. For example, a “Community Business Growth and Development Program” is offered to hair stylists at no cost for additionally participating in fitting children with wigs. For example, member-stylists are introduced to new customers and are also recognized in the companies local advertising, published under charitable member representatives of the community. Volunteers on the other hand are registered on the website as non-members but are provided access to the website and are offered similar opportunities though are not included nor do they come with the same level of free additional value, that a membership provides. Memberships are available for five different levels of involvement. All are very affordable. Priced well under the value provided. All provide significant help to hair stylists who would like to gain recognition in his or her career in the community.