Now available to monitor four major charities who are responsible for 90% of the hair donated for children’s wigs.

HDV Certification is a better standard for use in donation hair. We monitor your donation from origin-to-use. Besides supporting this charity, it’s a piece of mind that is worth the small cost for such an extraordinary value. Available in all 51 US states, it’s simple to use HDV certification service, and it improves insurance coverage accessibility in several states.

All HDV service fees’ charged are for the actual hard cost of the service, i.e. postage, paper etc. The lab usage and time that is required to perform the test is donated. So any additional support would be appreciated.

A very nice donation acknowledgment certificate/letter is included with purchased HDV tests for no extra cost.


For a limited time, you can receive a “Free Example Report” by uploading a picture of the hair you intend to donate below. (1 per customer only please).


There are 3 different types of hair donation dependability services:

Basic Report ($4.77), *Requires photo-upload only. Includes an analysis of the hair donation from top to bottom using our Trichoanalysis  (Trichology) imagining machine. Requiring only an uploaded photo. Is very affordable (Fee’s are the actual costs. Lab time is donated). The report includes a Yes/No determination of the hairs overall usability in wigs. (The service is good for the person who does not want to guess (pretend) whether or not their hair is used or not used in a wig).

Full Certification & Report ($9.77), *Requires photo-upload and mail-in of a few hair strands. Includes the same tests as the Basic Report but also includes: Hair usage approximation, Full trichoanalysis testing involving- elasticity, density, hydration, overall hair health and chemical exposure levels. Plus  an analysis of the overall usability in children’s wigs verses adult wigs. Is a popular service for the person who would like the integrity of knowing that their donation is really going to end up being used as they planned.

Complete Certification & Verification ($29.99), *Requires photo-upload, the hair donation requires processing through HHF. It’s also important to include a few strands of hair with the root attached. This complete verification service includes all the same tests and reports as the Basic Report and Full Report, in addition: DNA Tracing- Designed for the donor who would like the highest degree of probability that their hair is  properly donated and would like to know who is wearing the hair they donated. Utilizing state of the art DNA sampling a donor can find out who the actual person is wearing the hair they’re donated hair. Providing the recipient is also willing.


Or feel free to try a no obligation free sample of the Basic HDV Certification. Simply download a photo of the hair you intend to donate below.


Take a photo of the hair as straight-on and downward as possible, on a white background. If the hair is long, twist the hair into a letter “U” shape or “S” if its very long. Non-braided hair is best. Braided is OK but not preferred.

Any questions please call 800-642-0345, or Contact Us here.