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Aspiring to be the most celebrated children’s wigs hair rescue cooperative in the world.

Hair Heroes Foundation provides high-quality durable custom made wigs for cancer patients and the underprivileged. Through our multi-national volunteer cooperative, we essentially rescue young adults and children in need. Especially during times of illness, when their development may suffer most, and they need help Imparting a higher self-esteem. Strengthening confidence throughout life’s difficult periods. While respecting the dignity and privacy of all those suffering.

We support advanced education. Though we accept grants as a charity we also provide grants as a foundation. This makes us one of the most impacting charities that you can become involved with. Every year we help facilitate scholarships from various privately funded grant maker’s for supporting underprivileged children. These scholarship’s provide deserving children the opportunity to further their secondary education for career development. Resulting in positively impacting the futures of many young lives, for many years to come. 

Children have an improved chance of receiving insurance coverage when donors use HDV Hair Donation Certification.

Children have a better chance of receiving insurance coverage when donors use HDV Hair Donation Certification when they send in their hair donation to the charity of their choice. HHF is currently the only hair donation charity that offers a medically standardize hair donation certification verification service, though it is not required that a donor uses HHF to receive HDV. Not only does this service offer the donor confidence in knowing if their hair is donated, but additionally informs the donor about how it’s used, where, and when. If requested the donor can learn by whom there hair used, providing the receiver doesn’t mind. This is a big step forward in hair donation accuracy.

HHF is working with both charities and insurance companies to improve the integrity of your hair donations. Please recommend supporting this improved standard.


We accomplish this with the support of …

Hair Stylist’s giving back!

Our www.HairHero.Club is the nation’s number 1# fastest growing network of beauty professional’s and civic volunteer’s. Top tier member Hair Hero Stylist’s have pledged not to charge a fee for providing Hair Hero Hair Wig Rescue Services. And to further stand by and aid medical professionals patient’s who’s families might need appearance service support and simple professional beauty care. Now it doesn’t have to be so lonely during an appearance related crisis anymore. Not when a Hair Hero can come to your rescue.

Volunteer’s having fun!

Our volunteer cooperative has the most fun around. Every day we find another reason to celebrate. Did you know that it takes 10 -18 ponytails to make one wig? Our “National Pony Tail Challenge” makes giving hair more fun than watching a cat spit up a hairball. Donor parties are simply a great excuse to get together and show off your charitable spirit. Nothing quite compares to a ponytail cutting party. A fun and refreshing way to feel good while giving back. Our goal is to be 300,000 volunteer strong across the nation. Involving everybody from mom’s, dad’s, kid’s, hairstylist’s, college student’s and medical professional’s.

Medical professionals giving even more!

Not as though they don’t already give enough. Hair Hero Club members include allied medical professional’s who volunteer to play a central role for our foundation by giving their time by actively promoting health and wellness sustainability awareness practices during our event’s. This involves everything from helping coordinate wellness challenges to taking selfies of donors celebrating during ponytail donation parties, including raising loose change donations and holding in salon education on health and wellness sustainability.

20It’s about the kid’s! We believe they deserve the very best. Our goal is an ambitious one. But very real and required today. We want to support 250 children in 2016. The following explains how Hair Heroes Foundation is funded.

Hair Heroes exists mainly because of generous supporter’s like you! Including corporations and other foundations both public and private. It costs between $1200 to $5000 per child per year to support each wig recipient, depending on his or her unique medical needs.

Our fundraising efforts are organized under these five main categories:

Sponsor a Child (Lifetime and 12 Month)

Civic Community Wellness Campaign Events

Hair Hero Beauty Community Event’s

National Ponytail Donations

Individual and Corporate Donations

Don’t miss an opportunity like this to make your contribution count. Even a $40 dollar donation can impact our cause. Every little bit helps make a difference in the effectiveness of our mission.


Besides monetary funding, our efforts require many volunteer hours to help meet our goals. Giving even 1 hour of your time every month can make a difference. Please feel free to become involved under any of the aforementioned categories at your convenience.

We uphold the highest level privacy standards. Your personal information is confidential and is never shared. You can even make anonymous donations if you’d like.