With the advent of Hair Donation Certification, insurance companies now have a greater obligation to provide better patient coverage for children with hair loss.

By donors using Certifiedhair.co, the donor raises the bar requiring insurance companies by law to be required to consider patient coverage for wigs in many more states. Prior to Certified Hair or CH, medical hair prosthetic events were rarely covered, if at all. CH has helped insurance companies open the doors for improving coverage in a variety of states that had not previously. As CH increases in popularity, more are considering coming aboard. With your support and help to spread awareness of “www.certifiedhair.co”, by recommending that all donors use it, you too can help improve the circumstances surrounding children receiving the proper level of support they deserve.

HHF’s next step is to obtain mass support of Certifiedhair.co. Look for it to be offered in your favorite salon. Recruit hair stylists to come aboard and to assist in educating their client’s, and to assist with proper cutting and mailing in hair donations by using CH proper hair donation methods and certification. Currently, several cosmetology state boards throughout the US are considering adopting and teaching this new official standard of hair donating in their respective curriculum.

Our web-site empowers people to organize and to help hair stylists use best practice methods for donating hair. Your appreciated and needed charitable support, helps all of us to succeed together in helping children with cancer and those who suffer from medical related hair loss. Support Certificatedhair.co !

Hair donation verification now becoming the preferred way to donate.

In 2010, a business person hairstylist named RichE Styles began researching this issue using simple DNA profiling. By 2012 it was concluded that indeed a problem existed. Being the entrepreneur that RichE is, he developed a plan to address this issue. Those who know RichE well would agree, he is the type of business person that is driven, and likes to nurture a team from the inside-out to better take on these types of challenges. Using his painstaking tireless dedication and resources he developed database and grading verification process that meets medical standards. CH can determine with a high degree of certainty which donated hair will be used and where it will be used in prosthetic wig making.

Obtaining a qualifying use standard, HHF relied upon the guidance of medical experts to meet and form a clinical application, producing an “Official Hair Certification”. This certification method is the same standard used for qualifying prosthesis’s for a medical procedure. For example when a person’s arm is amputated and replaced with an donated implant.

In Summary, by using the same medical verification practice in grading organ donations, Certified hair makes certain your hair donations have official record, qualifying the hair as a medical prosthetic process. As medical grade process dictates that the law requires tracking and tracing the hair in determining its final use or application. Going so far as assigning it a serial number or a final user name in certain circumstances. As a certified medical implant a portion of the hair information becomes confidential and is protected under medical privacy laws. But it is legal for the donor to know whether or not their hair was donated and in what region of the country. Additionally, the HDV hair is on record, further reducing the risk of the hair donation ending up in a landfill. Reducing the 80% loss in hair donations.

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