donorhairWhat is Hair Donation Verification Service?

Medical asset tagging, tracing, and hair use verification.

For hair donor’s who have a genuine interest in donating their hair.

HLA-HDV cost effectively verifies hair donations by assigning a serial number and creating a medical hair donation tracking record for identifying the hair’s final usage/outcome. Developed in response to an issue revealed of a mass shortage in available age appropriate human hair children wigs. Relating to hair donations not qualifying for use in children’s prosthesis. Finding that 80% of the hair donated today is not used for its intended purpose in children’s wigs, as declared by many top charities. Instead being discarded due to improper donation preparation, cutting, condition, and length.

Research found that one of the main reasons for the 80% discard in hair donations is due to the hair donor’s misguided belief that they’re donation is just simply used while being caught up in the thrill or belief that they’re helping a sick child. Ignoring the crucial fact that hair donations are a medical related component, a byproduct of a prosthesis. If a donor is serious about donating their hair then they should also be just as concerned with the actual outcome of their donation. Using HDV can save charities many wasted volunteer hours, and from becoming overwhelmed sorting through non-qualified donations.

Many agree that this is a serious problem and worth overcoming. Improperly donated hair cost charities wasted volunteer effort and many wasted operational dollars.This is not what serious hair donors expect to happen when they lick the envelope and mail in their hair donation.

Without mentioning any of the charities names, hair was traced, and Geo tracked. Only to find that the donated hair ended up in a landfill.

Many charities have acknowledged this issue and confirm that HDV is a solution to reduce wasted donation hair, time, and money.

One of the companies behind this research, Wigs IS, is a manufacturer who noticed something funny with their orders. It concerned them mainly because they sell a lot of children’s wigs. They observed that when they searched the internet for “kid’s who received wigs for free”, alarmingly, many of the kids featured were wearing small adult wigs. Very-small adult wigs with course unnatural looking adult-like hair. How disturbing they thought. Making matters worse, anyone surfing the internet today will find the same unnatural looking kids still wearing these inappropriate wigs.

With HDV, insurance companies now have a greater obligation…Read more