What Volunteering is about…

Growing through our heart our soul’s find their way. Sharing our own good fortune from the blessings of others.

Expanding daily our cooperative’s ability for positively impacting suffering people’s lives. Making this serious business.

In 2014 the American Cancer Society estimated that over 104,000 kids were diagnosed with cancer. We often are dealing with real life crisis matters of a very sensitive nature. People in these circumstances oftentimes are overwhelmed, handling a wide-ranging array of challenges simultaneously. Therefore, it cannot be overstated often enough to everyone involved, how important you are as a volunteer. You are the backbone of our cause. Your follow-through with promises and commitments is key to everyone’s success. Never are your effort’s taken for granted. This could be as simple as your following up with a simple phone call at the end of the day to someone you don’t even know. May times this example is the difference in receiving a donation or not receiving a donation. And in the end helping a child.

We are growing to help more children everyday because of our volunteer’s.

Hair Hero’s is growing into a national cooperative with many links in its chain of existence. Each link is only as good as the link that it is attached to. When one link becomes weak all links weaken. Therefore, in order to lessen the risk of failure, Hair Heroes Foundation is divided into six regional chapters. Each regional chapter is responsible for helping coordinate their respective professional alliance’s. Including supporting individual Hair Hero development and fundraising responsibilities. While the central office maintains the nationwide regional logistics, leading the way for everyone to follow.

Using this regional business organizational support model, we are able to equally divide everyone’s responsibilities. Making volunteerism fun and reasonable on everyone’s families and personal lives.

Requiring only brief weekly administrative audits, the central office is able to verify, measure, and provide all six regions with necessary patient leads, supplies, marketing and materials for successfully maintaining and growing their respective territory.

With internet website connectivity providing highly efficient and friendly access, everyone can successfully participate. Together lovingly sharing and uplifting lives, impacting communities, and being true heroes.

Let us know what you’d like to volunteer to do. Contact us for more information and to get started. Including training and certification in your area.