My name is Richard Edward An`nablle’, (pronounced Annanabella). My clients me “RichE”…Picture 7_1

I’ve been a hair designer for over 20 years. Quietly globe-trotting doing hair while performing the secretly sought after craft of hair restoration. I call it hair sustainability. Not only for planet conservation reason’s but because my experience shows we are all literally sustaining our hair somehow. Even if we shave it off.

We make wigs for people who have cancer. As the Hair Hero Founder, our 2016 Goal is to “Obtain 250 Child Sponsorship’s”.

Our customers range from the famous to sick children, to the everyday hair wearer. All with one main caveat. That I custom design and artistically re-create their natural lost hair. It’s what I do best. It’s all centered on making a person feel great in their own hair, even if it’s not. I have an uncanny gift discovered when I was a young child. That is why I began doing hair. Some thought it was a bit odd at the time. It all comes second nature to me now. Relating seamlessly to a person’s most inner physical interpretation of themselves, and then being able to enhance that, and bring the meaning out in their hairs appearance. 

 I lived a blessed life for the most part. Now it’s time to give back. I began Hair Hero’s to better share my gift of helping people who suffer from hair loss. Especially sick kids or children affected by poverty or from circumstances no fault of their own. Such as an incarcerated parent. I’m also an advocate of Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization’s.  

Believe it or not, I almost didn’t make it past the 5th grade myself. Tried to take my life. Bullying was the norm back then. And my looks were a bit odd. Kids can be very mean. So I know how a child relates when they feel like they don’t look the norm. That helpless feeling of dis-pare and loss of self-confidence can greatly impact a child’s opportunities for their best development.

As a child, I always imagined a super hero would save the day. As a hair designer, I also felt like I was able to save a persons’ self-confidence. A sort of super hero. A hair hero. Mainly the reason I named my foundation “Hair Heroes Care”. Tomorrow’s adults are the beneficiary. Some say it doesn’t matter. I disagree.