I need new hair, as natural looking as possible!

Get ready to start to feel better! Because your worries are over. Hair Heroes are here to give you back your good hair days! We’ve been here done that. We understand how you feel! We’re here for you, and we’re here to see you through.

Hair Heroes will either have made or will make the most beautiful natural hair replacement for you, thanks to all our supporters. We’re not called Hair Heroes” for nothing!

We’re nothing like any other free wig charity in the world. We respect that everyone’s charity has their own unique reasons for supporting certain charities.

As a leading charity involved in appearance enhancement, we clearly work with only the finest hair in the world. Our talents are in producing realistic looking, age appropriate, durable kids wigs. The most natural looking wigs a person can wear.

Besides working with the finest hair, our affiliate www.hairdesigns.online is a state of the art online digital hair design studio located online. Making it easy and convenient for anyone to digitally try on wig’s or hair additions live from the comfort of their home. An experienced wig wearer can also be fit online, and pick from hundreds of wig styles. It’s like going in person to an actual wig store.

Alternatively, a Hair Hero Stylist may be available to serve you right in your hometown; depending on where you live and the progress of our charities growth in your area. A person might be surprised to find a stylist is just around the corner from their home. Please enquirer on your application if this interests you. Though this is not necessary to receive a free wig online.

Besides great natural looking hair, we provide ongoing support services (wig styling classes, event social gatherings, field trips, and other therapeutic activities throughout the year with the help of our affiliates.) So we hope you and your parent’s plan to feel as good inside as well as look good outside. Hair Heroes is aspiring to be the most celebrated free wig charity in the world. So please join us!

We love what we do and will continue to provide these services at no cost to you or your family, thanks to the kindness and generosity of our donor community. We are fortunate to have many individuals, businesses, churches, schools and civic groups who care about kids and make contributions to help Hair Heroes serve you. They donate their time, talent, and treasure so we can offer these services without worrying about how to pay for them. So spread the word!


   How to get started!

Ask a parent to fill out and submit this “Free Wig Application”

Once your parent sends us this form, we will contact you to set-up an appointment.

Alternatively, download Free Wig Application Form and return it using one of the following methods.


Return using either:


Email- admin@hairheroesfoundation.org


Fax- 800-642-0345


US Mail-

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New Wig Client Processing

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