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Now that your registered, you may want to use Paypal  above to finish your membership enrollment, instead of mailing in a check. This will also help move things along.


We'd like to express to you how excited we are for your joining, and helping in this cause.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be receiving email's from various members introducing themselves and inviting you aboard. It's very important that you receive these emails. So direct your email not put mail from HHF in your junk email box by adjusting the settings of your email account. Log-in into the account of the (email address you provided). If you log into your email service and instruct it to accept everything that includes the word Hair Heroes, you should be good to go. It's especially important for you to receive these emails if your (volunteering etc.), and your volunteering takes place immediately following today's date. This is one of the main method's we use to communicate with one-another. Especially since email can be usually manged at your own leisure. But for this modern day convenience to work well, be certain to make these adjustments to your email right-away.  Furthermore you won't miss anything important.

If you purchased a Premium, Gold, or Silver Membership, you have the choice to add "private" contacts to your memberships. This is one of the first things you'll want to learn you to use. Its designed to help you manage valuable networking. (The old adage, "It's about who you know", is not a myth.)

If you require assistance in updating your membership profile. Please proceed to Membership Profile, find your account by name, log in, and take a self guided tour of your profile. Your file my look a bit empty right now. This is because you just moved in. It's similar to moving into an unfurnished home. But you will soon begin to have fun decorating it with many wonderful acquaintances. Memories and experiences that never seem to grow old.

Feel free to set-up and fill-in as much information as you can to better round out your profile. Some members find it easiest to open multiple windows and login onto each one of their social media accounts one at a time. Copying, (cutting and pasting) each website address (URL) into each appropriate social media listing in their membership profile.    

If you have any questions you can call support at 646-598-4859 or send an email by clicking here.

Looking forward to your friendship. The kids thank you for your support.


Warmest Regards,

The Hair Hero Staff