Hair Hero’s mission is to help children and families throughout crisis live a more comfortable life.

Through everyone’s generous support, Hair Hero’s growing cooperative network makes it possible to uphold the ongoing mission of helping more families with children going through medical or similar crisis resulting in hair loss. Besides providing free wigs and related support. We are about providing ongoing compassionate understanding for as long as it’s required to get through a crisis. We are real life Hero’s!

A psychology study in 2010 showed that a person’s hair style appearance in relation to their self-esteem was in the top five of most important considerations in a person’s day to day public life. In children, this factor moves up to second place. An even higher level of importance in day to day development. Think back for a moment to when you were a child. Everyday mainly involved peer pressure, friends, high expectations, popularity, etc… You probably did better with good hair than without, right?

Hair Hero’s Care provides custom made wigs for cancer patients. Our growing team of licensed hair stylists throughout North America share a common goal. “Nobody should have the extra worry about how they look when they’re going through a health crisis, or have little means of support to take care of their hair’s appearance.”

Hair Hero’s essentially rescue people, especially children. Providing them with free necessary hair and beauty services for helping them feel more confident and better able to take on the challenges that life presents.

Hair Hero’s never charges the families that are receiving these custom hair replacement prosthetic systems or hair additions. That’s where you can help. We depend greatly on monetary and hair donations from generous individuals you.

To get involved go to “I want to be a Hero”,on this website. We uphold the highest level privacy standards.

Please consider contributing monetarily today. Your personal information is confidential and is never shared.