The Sponsor a Child Program is specially designed so that individuals, companies or schools can directly help a child in need.

By participating, you or your organization can help a child or teen become a recipient of a free hair prosthesis and services. Either one time or ongoing until they reach the age of 21 years of age. In acknowledgment, you will receive a certificate of recognition honoring your participation in the program, and most importantly, the gratitude of the child or teen whom you have so generously helped.

What is the cost of the Sponsor a Child Program?

There are two types of sponsorship’s. The cost to sponsor a child for one year ranges between $1000 – $5000, depending on required wig type and design. To help meet this widely varied cost challenge our sponsorship’s are either shared or sponsored individually.

A. Shared,  sponsorship support cost ranges between $50 – $400 per month until the age of 21 years. (Easy for individuals.)

B. Individual, sponsorship is a one-time cost between $1200 – $5000. (Ideal for companies, group’s and organizations.)

The fair market value of a hair prosthesis costs between $1,500 – $5,000 before it’s fitted onto the child. So even partial support can make a difference.




What does the sponsorship include?

You’re the source of support for a child or teen. Your help benefits a child or young adult socially, emotionally and physically. Supporting them throughout and during a key important time in their growth and development. Enabling them to resume their lives with family and friends, at school and other activities.

Your gift provides for:


  • One durable high-quality custom made wig designed for active wear lifestyle
  • Custom fitting and design of one specialized use prosthetic wig
  • Training on wig care and required repairs
  • Four netted cap’s to be worn under the wig to keep it secure, per year
  • One styrofoam head form per year to place the wig on when not in use
  • One wig-stand for placing the wig onto for drying after shampooing
  • Two chinstraps to secure wig on head when styling, per year
  • One wig comb, brush and T-Pins for securing wig to foam head
  • Two sleep caps per year to be worn at night
  • One wig box per wig to store the wig and supplies, including clips


Is there contact with the sponsored child?


To participate in our program, we ask each recipient to acknowledge your sponsorship by writing a thank you letter. Or you can remain anonymous if you desire. No direct contact will be made with your sponsored child or young adult except through the Hair Heroes Foundation.


How to begin your sponsorship?


Secure Online Form:

Sponsorship Application Form – Mobile

Sponsorship Application Form – Desktop


Simply download the Sponsorship Inquiry Form Basic, fill it out and return.

Either by the address below or by email.

Our email:

Mail to:

Hair Hero’s Foundation

Sponsorship Processing

2856 Clark Parkway

Westlake, Ohio 44145

Or call our office at 800-642-0345 to receive a sponsorship form by mail.