Helping Kid's with Cancer, One Ponytail at a Time...

Is everyone having fun yet? Decries a Hair Hero Rescue team member as she leads the hair harvest celebration. Hair Heroes is the leading free children’s wigs charity foundation who has gone one step further in providing “authentic kid’s wigs”. Not adult’s – small size wigs. Actual appropriate kids wig’s. In order to accomplish this, HHF needs more ponytails than your typical children’s wig charity effort. So the National Ponytail Challenge was born.

The National Ponytail Challenge currently is the most celebrated hair donation effort  occurring in the US today. Requiring a lot of high quality ponytails – so they pay hair stylists for helping obtain the hair. Professional’s help to make a difference in the quality of the hair that is obtained. Ponytail donor’s petition together with their compensated hair- stylist, instead of going it alone. The difference in hair quality can be dramatically improved compared with simply mailing in a donated ponytail. This means considerably less waste. Typically 80 percent of the hair donated to various wig charities is not used. Simply because it doesn’t meet the necessary requirement’s for wig making.

Hair Heroes free wig effort is for the child (or parent) who would prefer to wear an appropriately made durable child’s wig, not a small adult’s wig. The cost is slightly higher to produce these rare custom wigs. The hair is difficult to come by and material costs are slightly higher. But if you’ve ever seen a kid wearing an ill fitted mature adult human hair wig, you’d understand why Hair Heroes decided to offer this alternative. “We can do a better job for our kids.” Say’s Styles, the Aesthetics Director for the company.

There is a distinct difference in the natural hair and base (cap) used to make a Hero Wig. Each strand of hair is double knotted by hand onto a specialized base. Also the harvested hair’s maturity plays a big role making the wig look like a kids’ wig. Adult hair appears much more course. “After all, isn’t the main purpose of providing these wigs is so the kids can feel more confident about how they look? Many in the health community further agree,” say’s Styles.

It cost between $1100 for a partial to $9000 to produce one wig depending on the medical condition of the child. Additionally, it often requires anywhere between 15-40 ponytails to make a Hair Hero specialized wig. Based upon wig design, these are true prosthesis.

Now hair stylist’s from all around the country are “Giving Back” by joining in this effort by recruiting donor clients and pledging to charge no fee or a reduced fee, for providing Hair Hero Hair Wig Rescue Services. And at their discretion, to further stand by and aid medical professionals patient’s families who may require a little extra simple professional beauty care. Oftentimes helping to alleviate the loneliness associated with a family dealing with an appearance related type medical crisis. The Stylist Heroes say that it feels great to pay it forward with such homage. Being able to play such an important role in the beauty business doesn’t frequently occur. “Not much else compares (career wise),” say’s Styles.

The website offers all the required forms and information for donating.